West Coast Toyota 
Focused on Serving You

West Coast Toyota in Long Beach just gets it, and, General Manager Kenny Jumps makes that perfectly clear.

He’s the first to point out that Toyota buyers in Southern California have many options when it comes to both buying and servicing.  And Kenny’s straightforwardness is refreshing.

Especially when you consider that he and his team at West Coast Toyota in Long Beach are representing one of SoCal’s top automotive brands.  The best price and huge selection are commonplace – Kenny and his team take their game to the next level.

In this iDriveSoCal Podcast, Kenny explains why and how West Coast Toyota prioritizes customer service above all else.  And we discuss the latest about the highly anticipated Toyota Supra, the all-new RAV4 and more!

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iDSC's Tom Smith Pictured with West Coast Toyota's Kenny Jumps for iDriveSoCal Podcast 154 Focused on Serving You


Recorded @ West Coast Toyota in Long Beach, CA

Toyota Customer Service

Kenny Jumps: The customer is all things and everything.

You know, we pay the same price for all these cars, every store [Toyota dealership] around, and it really does come down to the customer service.

That friendly atmosphere, where you wanna come here after you buy your car to get it serviced, and just stop by and say hi!

“…we pay the same price for all these cars… it really does come down to the customer service.”

Tom Smith: Welcome to iDriveSoCal the Podcast, all about mobility from the automotive capital of the United States, Southern California. Tom Smith here, and I am very excited to be at West Coast Toyota Long Beach, our newest partner. I’m joined by Mr. Kenny Jumps, who is the General Manager of West Coast Toyota Long Beach.

Mr. Jumps, Kenny, thank you so much for joining me. Thank you so much for coming on board, we’re so excited to be partnering with you guys, and can’t wait to share all the details about Toyota by way of West Coast Toyota Long Beach.

Kenny Jumps: Well, thank you. It’s great to be here and be part of this and to get out to where people can know about West Coast Toyota here in Long Beach.

Tom Smith: And I know that’s a thing, a theme, that since you and I have been talking, that, you guys are new here. Or at least the location is new here, there’s a little bit of history about this store. Why don’t you go ahead and explain that?

Kenny Jumps: Yeah, the history is, is this store was originally on the traffic circle, and over… If you take Lakewood Boulevard straight down, it runs into the traffic circle, and it’s been at the new location here at Willow and Redondo in Long Beach, for the last two and a half years.

Tom Smith: Okay.

New Toyota Facility

Kenny Jumps: We’ve moved over… In fact, in June, it’ll be three years that the store has been located here.

Tom Smith: Okay.

Kenny Jumps: It’s an absolutely gorgeous facility-

Tom Smith: It is.

Kenny Jumps: We have a great inventory of over 400 new cars, and usually we have 80-100 used cars on hand. Very excited for the new store to start growing, and become a real community store here in Long Beach.

West Coast Toyota Long Beach | 405 View

West Coast Toyota Long Beach | 405 View

Tom Smith: If you haven’t come by the store, which we’re at the Redondo, and what is this here?

Kenny Jumps: Willow.

Tom Smith: Willow. Redondo and Willow in Long Beach. You can actually see part of the store from the 405, if traffic’s moving kinda slow, right?

Kenny Jumps: Yeah, if you look over to the south, as you’re moving by on the 405, between Lakewood and Cherry, basically right across from where the airport is. If you look the south way, yeah, you can see the building, you see a huge sign that says, “West Coast Toyota.”

Tom Smith: The store is absolutely gorgeous. I’m in a lot of car dealerships and this definitely one of the nicer ones. We have what? Like 25 foot windows in front of us. It’s just a really, really, nice place to come and check out Toyota’s, which are just phenomenal vehicles.

“over 400 new cars, and… 80-100 used cars on hand.”

So, Mr. Jumps, your brief background, and kind of philosophy about how you are introducing West Coast Toyota Long Beach to the Long Beach community.

Kenny Jumps: Yeah, my background is, I was with BMW in Torrance, South Bay BMW for 12 years, and was General Sales Manager and then General Manager. After that, I was with Subaru Pacific for a couple years and then have moved over to West Coast Toyota in September.

Community Center Vibe

The philosophy that I wanna bring in the vision to West Coast Toyota is to know the customer. The customer is all things and everything.

To make this a community store, where people wanna come here, that this is… They don’t need to go shopping online to find their deal to be taken care of, they come to us here at West Coast Toyota.

Tom Smith & Kenny Jumps

General Manager, Kenny Jumps details West Coast Toyota’s Customer Focus

Tom Smith: You know, that’s one of the key things that, in doing what I do, working with automotive retailers through iDriveSoCal, there’s how many Toyota dealers in Southern California?

Kenny Jumps: Too many to count.

Tom Smith: So, and the information that’s available online is commoditized. I mean, cars to a certain degree are commoditized. So it’s really come down to service, and the difference at the dealership level.

I pride myself with iDriveSoCal, as only working with automotive retailers who… You know, I walk into a lot of stores, I see the atmosphere in a lot of stores. I only wanna partner with those that operate with the utmost integrity, and let’s get real, your facility is absolutely gorgeous as well.

“…[you] don’t need to go shopping online to find their deal to be taken care of…  come to us here at West Coast Toyota.”

But it all ties into the overall package of, “Hey, this is a good place to go and not only shop, buy, but also service,” and service a huge piece of the component.

Kenny Jumps: Yes, it is. You know, you were talking about, you know, the difference between stores, and how many there are in Southern California.

You know, we pay the same price for all these cars, every store around, and it really does come down to the customer service. So, as I always say, “You wanna make your business better? Make your people better?”

The Golden Rule

That’s what we’re striving to do here at West Coast Toyota, is have people treat people the way they wanna be treated. And give that customer service and that friendly atmosphere, where you wanna come here after you buy your car to get it serviced, and just stop by and say hi.

Kenny Jumps: You know, we have the vending, we have the coffee, we have the lounges. But where people feel at home coming here, not basically, “Well, I need to go get my oil changed, so I’m gonna stand in line at Jiffy Lube-

“…friendly atmosphere, where you wanna come here after you buy your car… and just stop by and say hi.”

Tom Smith: Right.

Kenny Jumps: And not have that communication.” Then people can feel warm and happy when they come into this place.

Tom Smith: Well, I think your philosophy’s already working, because I’ve been here for a hand full of hours, it’s a Saturday.

And you guys have been busy selling cars, servicing cars, obviously customers coming and going. But your waiting area is littered with people, hammering away on their computers, tapped into what I’m assuming is your Wi-Fi, and getting work done.

Being productive while they’re here waiting for their vehicle to either be … the purchase consummated or the service to be done.

West Coast Toyota All New

The All-New West Coast Toyota in Long Beach!

Kenny Jumps: Yeah, that’s one nice thing we have here. We have such a beautiful facility and there’s different lounge areas, different workstations, that people can… while they’re waiting for their car to be serviced, they can get work done.

Or, you know, if they’re shopping, looking for Christmas presents for their family and friends and everything, they have plenty of places to do that. Or if they wanna watch TV, I think we have one, two, three, four, I think there’s five TV’s that they can look at.

Tom Smith: A very comfortable environment.

Toyota Technology & Innovation

So a little bit about the vehicles themselves, Toyota vehicles. I mean, you guys, you have one of the top brands, really in the United States, not just in Southern California.

It’s a vehicle that the manufacturer… You have the Prius, you have the technological advancements that Toyota continually puts out into their vehicles.

Talk a little bit about what’s in the tech and innovation in your Toyota vehicles on the showroom floor right now, and what’s coming down the pipe.

Kenny Jumps: Well, I mean, the thing about Toyota is, number one, it kinda stands on its own, right? Everybody knows Toyota for the reliability, they’re constantly looking to advance the technology.

Just the style, sportiness, luxury. It’s become the complete auto manufacturer. If you want, you know, sportiness, you want off-road, you want 4×4, you want a truck, you want a luxury car, Avalon top of the line. It gives you complete one-stop shopping.

Tom Smith: And, I don’t know if I mentioned earlier, but we are podcasting at the dealership on Saturday. So if you hear the intercom going in the background, or the soothing music that they have in the lobby as well, that’s because we are at the real deal.

“Everybody knows Toyota for the reliability, they’re constantly looking to advance the technology.”

You bring up a good point, the model lineup of Toyota is so complete. I mean, from the tippy-top, one of my dream vehicles, the Land Cruiser, down to, you know, the 4Runner, the Highlander.

I’m the SUV guy, I really like those. But I mean heck, the Camry, which you guys sell a ton of, the Corolla, the Avalon hybrid that’s in the showroom that I’ve been looking at. It kinda got my drooling a little bit, ’cause I have a lease coming up in May.

A Toyota for Every Life-Stage

Tom Smith: The Toyota lineup is just complete, I mean, you have something from… Basically, for every stage of life, I guess.

Kenny Jumps: Yeah, you do. You have, you know, for every stage. You know, the person’s just coming out of college to, you know, a young exec, to a person, like you said, you wanna truck? We have the best trucks made. With the Tacoma and with the Tundra, you can’t beat ’em.

Toyota Highlander Passenger front profile

Toyota Highlander Passenger front profile

Tom Smith: The Tacoma’s always been… ever since… I was just doing a podcast with Shannon Eckel, your Service Director-

Kenny Jumps: Yeah.

Tom Smith: We were talking a little bit off-mic actually, afterward, that I’ve always wanted a Toyota pickup truck, ever since Back to the Future, and Michael J. Fox had that one with the roll bars and the floodlights and everything.

Kenny Jumps: Yeah.

Tom Smith: Remember that one?

Kenny Jumps: I do.

Tom Smith: I’ve obviously remembered it. Here I am, no spring chicken anymore, but yet still remembering that one from, I think that was in the ’80s.

“…not only do I work here and sell them, but a huge fan from… my whole life…”

Kenny Jumps: Yeah, well back in the ’70’s, my first car that I ever bought was a Corolla. Then the first brand new vehicle that I ever bought was a Toyota Tacoma, so not only do I work here and sell them, but a huge fan from… my whole life for ’em.

Tom Smith: I love that, I love that.

So, a complete lineup of vehicles for every stage of life. One of the vehicles that I’m really excited about, I don’t know if you have any insider information on, but I know my good friend and colleague, Clinton “The Professor” Quan, is very excited about the soon to be released Toyota Supra.

Toyota Supra Reveal

Kenny Jumps: Right. Now, a lot of people are. A lot of people waiting to see, you know, what it is, what… They’ve kept it under pretty good wraps, so we don’t have a lot of information on that yet.

Tom Smith: So, you don’t have any insider information for us?

Kenny Jumps: No, not right now.

Tom Smith: Okay. Supposedly, it’s going to be revealed at the, I believe the North American New Car Auto Show in Detroit.

“A lot of people waiting to see… They’ve kept it under pretty good wraps…”

Kenny Jumps: Correct, that’s what they’re saying.

Tom Smith: Okay. So that’s coming up. Is there even any indication as to when the Supra’s gonna be possibly coming to dealerships?

Kenny Jumps: No, they really haven’t …

Tom Smith: Okay. How about even if they’re saying, if it’s a ’19 or a ’20?

Kenny Jumps: They really haven’t …

Tom Smith: Nothing?

Kenny Jumps: Put that out there.

Tom Smith: But it is coming?

Kenny Jumps: It is coming.

Tom Smith: All right. Anything else that you can pull the curtain back on Toyota, that you can share here on the iDriveSoCal Podcast with your listeners? Our listeners?

Toyota Avalon Hybrid Driver rear profile

Toyota Avalon Hybrid Driver rear profile

Kenny Jumps: No, I’m just thinking we’re gonna get… As soon as the ’19 RAV4 shows up in the showroom-

Tom Smith: That is a beautiful car.

Kenny Jumps: Yeah, I think we’re gonna be inundated, not only online, but in the showroom, and people lining up to test drive, and then take them home.

Tom Smith: Now, you guys already sell a lot of RAV4’s overall, it’s a pretty big mover for you, correct?

Kenny Jumps: Correct.

Tom Smith: So, if you haven’t seen the… It is a 2019, right?

Kenny Jumps: It is a 2019.

All-New RAV4

Tom Smith: If you haven’t seen the 2019 Toyota RAV4, that is a heck of a vehicle. I never personally, honestly thought my… that I would… could see myself driving a RAV4. That RAV4 I could absolutely see myself driving. That is a sharp looking vehicle, it is… it’s a… I guess it’s rugged masculine looking, is that a fair way to describe it?

Gray 2019 Toyota RAV4 @ the LA Auto Show

2019 Toyota RAV4 @ the LA Auto Show

Kenny Jumps: I would say yeah, it’s gone more to a rugged, almost a Tacoma-

Tom Smith: Yeah.

Kenny Jumps: Type look in the front end.

Tom Smith: Yeah, that’s how Clinton referred to it too.

Kenny Jumps: Yeah, is the way I’ve kinda referred to it. Yeah, it’s gonna be… I think people are gonna be excited with it. But if somebody’s still looking for a fantastic deal, going into the end of the year, then come see us on the [RAV4] 2018’s, we still have a great selection.

Tom Smith: Still have 2018’s?

Kenny Jumps: Still have 2018’s.

Tom Smith: All right, all right. Good to know. The 2019 RAV4, this is how hot it is, if you’ve seen it you know, if you haven’t seen it, this is a good example.

You guys got one of them in, I heard, and no sooner did it get pulled off the truck, but within 26 minutes it was confirmed sold?

Kenny Jumps: Yes. So that’s a good start, that’s what we wanna see.

Tom Smith: Right. How come you just got one of them?

“…looking for a fantastic deal, going into the end of the year, then come see us on the [RAV4] 2018’s…”

Kenny Jumps: That’s all they have-

Tom Smith: Allocation.

Kenny Jumps: Allocation for right now, was to put one out, for people to come and see, and then we should be getting more, possibly, you know, right after December, is what I’m figuring.

2018 RAV4 Deals!

Tom Smith: Okay, right after the first of the year, more of the 2019 RAV4’s will be available.

Kenny Jumps: Yeah, everything’s concentrated right now in the… you know, moving out the ’18’s. That’s why I’m saying, you know, the ’18’s still a great vehicle-

Tom Smith: Oh, it’s still a Toyota, without a doubt.

Kenny Jumps: Yeah, people are looking for that, you know, once in a lifetime deal-

Tom Smith: Now’s the time.

Toyota Highlander rear

Toyota Highlander rear

Kenny Jumps: Now’s the time.

Tom Smith: Now’s the time. All right. Okay, well fantastic. Mr. Kenny Jumps, I so appreciate you coming on the podcast, so appreciate you guys partnering up with us. We’re really, really, excited to have you guys onboard.

Really excited to put out all kinds of great stories, all about Toyota, and what’s going on here at West Coast Toyota in Long Beach.

Before we wrap this one up, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Kenny Jumps: No, I just… Come down and see us, we’re your neighborhood store. Look forward to seeing you.

“…looking for that… once in a lifetime deal… now is the time.”

Tom Smith: Yeah, neighborhood store here to make a mark and let it be known. This place is gorgeous, you gotta come see it.

Come get a great deal on a 2018 RAV4, come check out the 2019’s after the first of the year.

We look forward to a long partnership so thanks again.

Kenny Jumps: Absolutely.

Tom Smith: For iDriveSoCal, I am Tom Smith. Thank you as always for tuning in.

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