‘Women in automotive’ traditionally referred to the back-office operations at new car dealerships.  But that’s changing.  Because innovative car dealers, like Ontario Volkswagen, are encouraging the change for the benefit of their customers.

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We all know the stereotype of the typical car salesman.  It’s a pushy ‘guy’ simultaneously charming you while prying your checkbook open.

And, that can go for buying a car as well as having your car serviced.  While that stereotype is often misplaced transparent dealers recognize and adjust for the convention.

You May Prefer Working With Women In Automotive

Most of us know the car business from the perspective of buying a car.  But, if you’re like me then, you may have wondered about the business itself.

Like, why is it so male-dominated?  Why aren’t there more women in automotive that I can buy a car from?  Or a woman in automotive that I can deal with when I need to service my car?

So, to get some answers, I sat down with Earl Reed.  He’s the general manager of a top VW dealer in Southern California’s Inland Empire.

And he says, at Ontario Volkswagen, they’re encouraging women to pursue roles long dominated by men.

Interested In Joining The Women In Automotive?

While the automotive business can make for a great career, in the past it has required a lot of hours.

For example, twelve-hour days, six days a week, and most holidays.  So, for many, that alone has been a non-starter.

Because we’re not all cut out for putting in those types of hours.

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However, Earl says that’s no longer the case at Ontario Volkswagen.  And he views work/life balance for his employees as an essential element of Ontario VW’s success.

Plus as the world’s workforce has become more diverse we all find ourselves balancing more.

So, while it’s different for everyone, the ability to have time for ourselves, our families, and, our work is increasingly important.

Moreover, if you’re curious about a career in automotive.  Earl says, he’d love to have you come in and meet his team.

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