Chevrolet has just come away with wins for both the ZR2 Silverado and Colorado at the Best in Desert championships.

So, the finale of the season took place at the Cal City Desert Challenge and marks the second straight year that the pair have won their respective classes.

Here are all the details about how these two rugged off-road trucks are influencing the future of Chevy products.

Southern California’s Chevrolet Truck Headquarters is Martin Chevy – Torrance, CA

2022 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 Race Truck off-road parked at dusk with light bars illuminated

ZR2s Clinch Off-Road Racing Titles

Chevy ZR2 Silverado and Colorado Use Stock Parts

While not road-legal, the ZR2 Silverado and Colorado racing at Best in the Desert both feature a number of stock or available performance parts from Chevrolet.

Roger McCormack is the Accessories and Performance Parts Marketing director for Chevy.  Here’s what he had to say about the accomplishments. “It has been another expectation-shattering season, with the championships for the Silverado ZR2 and Colorado ZR2.”

And he continued, “the successes for both vehicles, which are very close to the production models, wouldn’t have been possible without the closely synced relationship between Chad Hall Racing and the Chevrolet engineering team.”

According to Chevrolet, the Colorado ZR2 racer has been a part of testing and validation for publically available components. At least 15 different factory racing components are available right now through the dealer.

Those parts include DSSV dampers (a shock that’s stock on some Chevys now), long-travel leaf springs, jounce shocks, and more.

Chevrolet-Silverado-ZR2-RaceTruck front diving into sand

Some parts available at your SoCal Chevy Dealer

Forged In Fire

The ZR2 Silverado and Colorado have accumulated more than 22,500 miles worth of racing experience in their time on the circuit.

Chad Hall says that he’s seen those miles influence the design and toughness of the truck. That’s the truck you or I can buy at the dealership. “The tests and refinements made over the years with the Colorado ZR2 and the new Silverado ZR2 absolutely prove the adage that racing improves the breed — making the production vehicles stronger and more capable because of it,” he says.

It’s quite clear that Chevrolet isn’t just slapping a ZR2 badge on the Silverado and Colorado and charging more for them. They’re dedicating real resources. And it’s making these trucks just as tough and capable off-road as they look.

For the teams racing at the Best is Desert championships, it’s clearly paying off.

License plate holder and insert with Martin Chevrolet logo

Martin Chevrolet – Torrance, California

Chevrolet, find new roads!